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LED or Lamp Pulsar Circuit

Astonishing effect 4.5V supplyThis circuit operates a LED in pulsing mode, i.e. the LED goes from off state, lights up gradually, then dims gradually, etc. This operation mode is obtained by a triangular wave generator formed by two op-amps contained in a very cheap 8 pin DIL case IC. Q1 […]

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Simple Hybrid Audio Amplifier

The debate still goes on as to which are better, valves or transistors. We don’t intend to get involved in that argument here. But if you can’t make your mind up, you should try out this simple amplifier. This amplifier uses a valve as a pre-amplifier and a MOSFET in the output stage. The […]

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IrDA Interface

Many modern motherboards are equipped with an infrared data interface compliant with the IrDA standard, but this interface not very often used. However, it is not difficult to build a data transmission module and connect it to the corresponding header. As can readily be seen from the schematic diagram, this […]

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Linear RF Power Meter

The National Semiconductor LMV225 is a linear RF power meter IC in an SMD package. It can be used over the frequency range of 450 MHz to 2000 MHz and requires only four external components. The input coupling capacitor isolates the DC voltage of the IC from the […]

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ESR & Low Resistance Test Meter

As electrolytic capacitors age, their internal resistance, also known as “equivalent series resistance” (ESR), gradually increases. This can eventually lead to equipment failure. Using this design, you can measure the ESR of suspect capacitors as well as other small resistances. Basically, the circuit generates a low-voltage […]

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Hard Disk Switch

In these times with viruses and other threats from the Internet it would be nice to have reassurance that the PC cannot be infected. That is why this circuit was designed. It makes it possible to install multiple hard disks inside the case of a PC, which are separated in such […]

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Computer Off Switch

How often does it happen that you close down Windows and then forget to turn off the computer? This circuit does that automatically. After Windows is shut down there is a ‘click’ a second later and the PC is disconnected from the mains. Surprisingly enough, this switch fits in some […]

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Mobile Phone and iPod Battery Charger Circuit

Charge your iPod without connecting it to a computer!Using the USB port on your computer to charge your player’s batteries is not always practical. What if you do not have a computer available at the time or if you do not want to power up a computer just for […]

Keyboard/Mouse Switch Unit

Unplugging or re-connecting equipment to the serial COM or PS2 connector always gives problems if the PC is running. Even if you only need to swap a mouse or changeover from a graphics keyboard to a standard keyboard. The chances are that the connected equipment will not communicate with the […]

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USB Operated Home Appliances

When turning a computer on and off, various peripherals (such as printers, screen, scanner, etc.) often have to be turned on and off as well. By using the 5-V supply voltage from the USB interface on the PC, all these peripherals can easily be switched on and off at the same […]

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